Makes living on campus like living at home…even better!

Colleges and universities have partnered with Standards For Living for years in order to provide their students easy access to MicroFridge units. This unique high-quality product with its patented energy management system is the ultimate dorm room accessory.

All of our MicroFridge refrigerator/freezer units are ENERGY STAR Certified and our MicroFridge combination appliances feature “Safe Plug Technology”

OUR MISSION: Standards For Living seeks to be the best and most convenient provider of dormitory room enhancement products in the country. Our objective is to operate our business based on the highest standards and ethical principles; to always treat others the way we would like to be treated, and to strive for consistency, honesty, and excellence in every area of our operation for the benefit of our customers. By providing the best products possible, and backing the products with prompt service support, our customers will be able to count on Standards For Living to make their lives easier.